All Different Types of Money

Did you know that in our past history, there are many different things that have been used as money, here are some of them:

  • Huge rocks that had a doughnut shape to them were used in the Yap Island in the Pacific.
  • Different farming products were also used such as barley, or livestock, and these were used as money in different cultures.
  • Cigarette packages were used as money in the prisoner’s camps during WWII.
  • Seashells were used as money in ancient China, all around the Pacific and also between the Native Americans. 

AS time went buy, most of the ancient world came to realize that metal was better used as money. Metal does not waste away not does it break like seashells; it would not rot or become moldy like barley, and is easy to carry around in your pocket, instead of having huge doughnut shape rocks. Minting metal into coins shapes though, was something that only happened afterwards. The first metal money had different shapes; the Celts preferred their money to have a ring shape to them; and people from ancient Mesopotamia liked long spiral strands, whereas the Chinese enjoyed using metal coins that had the shape of a knife or a shovel.